Thursday, October 9, 2008

sending a package

The Souther's are going out to visit Nathanael, so I am sending a package to Levi. He called and asked me to re-string the banjo and send it with them. So I did that.

Side note: Levi suddenly wants to play the banjo, Jenna just ordered the mandolin she has been dreaming of getting, and Jacob is playing my dulcimer, the tin whitsle and the bodhran... we may eventually have our own little group! Crazy!

Anyway, I got up early this morning and made chocolate chip cookies for Levi. As I was packing it all up, I realized how MUCH I was missing my big teddy-bear hugging boy! He is such a big, silly, sweet boy. He leaves a big hole when he is gone. : (

So I decided to post some pics.


Beth said...

If someone showed me those pictures and asked which one was Levi...I could be absolutely certain about the first one. Because unless I recalibrate my mind to recall the times I've seen him since we moved away, THAT is Levi in my brain. How old was he when that was taken?

The third picture I could identify as being one of your boys for sure because he looks like a combination of a Williams and a Cantrall. :)

But the middle one would stump me, I think.

I don't want to think about my kids moving far away. Tom won't like it when I become a crazy cat lady...

Anonymous said...

"When" you become a crazy cat lady?

Heh, heh...

Karen said...

LOL! I think Levi was about two in the top one.

Yeah, he is definitely a combination! In the middle one he was really sick, it was last year about a week before he first left for Cornerstone. For some reason I like it, though... he has such pretty eyes. I think Katie Kestner took it.

It'll be a while before Colin leaves. You've got that goin' for ya! I think I'm going to have Jenna for a few more years... at least one more anyway.

Then I may have Jake back, working off those student loans!

One never knows... hey, is CruffleCarp Jim???

Natalie said...

He looks so serious in that middle picture. :D Of course, if he's sick, that makes sense...but if you didn't know that he just looks very thoughtful. :)

Beth said...

I am NOT a crazy cat lady yet...just wait till I actually become one. Bwahahaha...

Yep, I'll have Colin around for quite a few years yet. The world is not ready to have him unleashed on it yet. :)

And, yes, Crufflecarp is Jim. Why he didn't post with his name, I don't know. Maybe he figured you would know what "crufflecarp" means, or maybe he's just itching to give you the explanation. It's something to do with guns, of course.

Anonymous said...

Jim didn't post with his real name because it's not an option here. :)

You (Beth) don't notice because you have a Blogger account (feeding evil Google!) and your identity is handled that way. Karen doesn't have the Name/URL login option turned on, so I had to use one of my OpenID accounts to post a comment.

So much effort for a one-liner with limited appeal... :)

Karen said...

awww, so much effort. Poor Baby!

I'm a clueless newbie Blogger.

Good to hear from you Jim! I miss you! How is life treating you?? The last I heard, or saw, was your wedding picture. Very pretty bride. We had a compuetr melt-down, so I'd lost you.

Anonymous said...

Karen, I'm so out-of-touch with all my relatives... then again, after all my "Family Updates," I think everyone added me to their spam filters. :)

Beth sent me your e-mail address, but it must be an old one ( Write me at and I'll send you my real address. Note to spammers - that address will be promptly deleted!