Sunday, November 9, 2008

Big Boys and the fun that comes with them.

Levi called early this morning, which was wierd because a few minutes earlier he had clearly come to my mind while I was lying in bed and I had said
"I LOVE my Weevuh" (Levi).

So a few minutes later the phone rings and I was immediatley like "Oh, no."

Eric talked to him, sounded worried, then hung up and came in and asked me where the insurance card was. "Levi thinks he's broken his clavicle. I don't KNOW how he did it, we need to call him back with the insurance card numbers."

So I get up and find the card. I know, from previous experience, that the tiny hospital in Hot Springs SD does not work for us, meaning that if my kids go there, we pay for the whole thing. I know that they supposedly *will* cover a hospital in Rapid City, almost an hour north. (Levi has no car) I forgot the name of that hospital, so I called the number on the back of our insurance card to get the name of the right hospital.

"Our office hours are Monday through Friday, 9:00 am to......"

So I hang up and call the number for emergency locations.

"If this is an emergency, please go to the nearest hospital and seek assistance. If this is NOT a life-threatening emergency, our offices are open at 9:00 am Monday to ...."

Okay, apparently you cannot break a bone over the weekend.

That is not life threatening enough.

So I call him back with the information.

After the *ooohs* and *awwwws*, I ask him how he hurt his shoulder.

Here it comes.

"Well last night we were playing this game. You go out in the dark (the freezing dark, apparently) and you look straight up at the stars and then you spin around as fast as you can go, then a person shines a flashlight in your eyes and you fall down. pause... I landed on my head and shoulder."


"Levi, please tell me you will never play that game again."

So later, I was telling Jenna about it and she said "A bunch of kids were playing that game at the hayride. They said it does something to your brain - it stops sending the right signals and you lose control. About five of us were standing around them telling them that it looked dangerous."

(At least there is hope for Jenna)

How much you want to bet me most of them were boys?

I hope they have insurance...

and don't break something on a weekend.


Natalie said...

Oh boy...

Well, I hope Levi gets better soon...and doesn't do anything crazy like that again!! :P

Lauren Burke said...

Oh BOYS. :.o