Tuesday, November 11, 2008

In Front of My Eyes

This was taken from my REVEAL journal, from earlier this summer. I wrote it, still in the car, after witnessing this scene.
I just stood in line, 2 people behind a lady at Walgreen's. The total amount of her purchases was $48.87. The items that she purchased were:
* 2 small cans of Spanish peanuts
* 2 bottles of fingernail polish
* a pile of assorted types of Dove chocolate
While the girl was scanning her items, she asked the woman how she was doing today.
It was only then that I really looked at her and noticed that the woman was having difficutly breathing, was using a walker and was morbidly obese.
She had a pained, almost panicked expression on her face as she gasped, "Oh, I'm having trouble walking today, Honey."
A pitiful nod from the cashier as she filled her bags with chocolate.
As I walked out to my car, I noticed that the woman was just then putting her folded walker in the rear seat of her oversized vehicle that was parked in the first handicapped spot. Sweat was rolling down her face as she heaved the door closed. As I passed her, I heard what I can only describe as something between wheezing and a soft crying sound coming from deep inside her.
I can't help but immediately write this in my journal. I cannot forget it. I MUST NOT forget!
The woman is a slave. She is a SLAVE, and she serves a cruel master. A master that could care LESS that she is DYING!
It makes me think about those people I have seen, when visiting at hopsitals... those people that have been asked to be wheeled out by volunteers, who stand shivering next to their wheelchairs... waiting patiently while they smoke... in spite of the oxygen tubes in their noses.
What are we DOING to ourselves? and how can we be so BLIND to it?

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