Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Levi is not broken!

Well, Levi called yesterday afternnon to let his old mom know that he was sore, but OKAY.

Monday he had a friend take him up to the big city of Rapid City, South Dakota where he was X-rayed at a very interesting place.

He said it was really, really dirty. He said they had needed a copy of his health insurance card instead of just the numbers and so, instead of having me fax that, they just put him in this "wierd welfare program thing for full-time students who live along way from home and don't have a job and no money" (his words).


They only charged him $20.00 for the office visit and the X-ray. :)

Anyway, no fracture, just soft tissue damage and pain. Yeah!

They sent him packing back to the school with a pediatric-sized (Levi is 6'3") sling that was, in his words, "really, really dirty and it had been used before. I'll bring it home when I come so you can see it."
Oh goody!

He promptly removed it when he got to the car. :)

Yes, folks, that kind of sums up the state of South Dakota.

I AM thankful that it was that cheap, though... and that it wasn't broken.


Natalie said...

Oh good! And it sounds like a good thing there wasn't anything more serious that they had to try to fix there...judging from the sound of the place! :P

I'm laughing at the mental image of Levi with a pediatric sized sling. :D

Lauren Burke said...

Maybe when he comes home on break I can bop him on the head before I shine the light in his eyes?

I just marvel at the odd ways God takes care of us. Yes, in our stupidity.