Friday, October 3, 2008

I found it... in "drafts" ... and since I was afraid of it, I know I MUST post it.

I actually HAVE been thinking about starting this. Unfortunately, the things that I am really passionate about writing are the most recent things I have learned and if I write them first, it would really mess with the whole "series of events" and, yeah... I still need to get into my stacks... you know, bottom first. But that is all going to take so much time.


The most important thing I am learning this week is that, lately, every time my mind is idle and begins its' incessant blathering I realize that; a) I am either wasting time focusing on unimportant drivel or b) I am being judgemental and/or trivial and that *I* am just as bad , if not worse, than the poor soul my mind was just focused on or c) I remember that I started out praying and, once again, ended up back HERE - and I just end up apologizing to God for my pathetic pride or what a reject I am... and even though it feels really crummy, I am happy, because it means that He is still working on me. It's so incredible that He even chose me.


Once I asked the Lord to show me my faults, and since then, I have yet to see anything good in myself.

God is amazing.

It's like Jake says... We are so used to comparing ourselves to other people, and feeling pretty decent about who we are, but CHRIST is the standard!

I can never get over that. I can never forget that.

I will never even come close to attaining it, but it's so much more worthy a goal than any I have had up til now... and I can spend the rest of my life reaching for it.


Beth said...

Karen, I needed to read this this morning. Thank you for posting it!

Karen said...

Oh, Thank you! I am glad it was here then!

Love you!

Lauren Burke said...

Keep plugging along on this. It's encourageing to see you willing to face those rough years.